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Latest Lawyers In Indiana News

Indiana Court Suspends Attorney Over 'Horror Film' Plot
In 2008, dozens of Indiana lawyers got an email with a strange subject line: “Bose means Snuff Porn Film Business.” Pasted in the message was a thread of emails among lawyers ridiculing Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, a prominent Indianapolis firm, …
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Former Lawyers' Testimony Ends In Myers Hearing
In the afternoon, Indiana Public Defenders Council board member Michael McDaniel testified about his reading of the initial trial documents and said he would have petitioned the court for money to pay experts and hire an investigator to depose the 100 …
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Judge replaces jury in Indiana double murder trial
Moore denied defense lawyers' motion for a mistrial, but a Clark County court official says Moore replaced the juror with an alternate after questioning the rest of the jury. The bodies of 8-year-old Alyssa Lynch and 5-year-old Caleb Lynch were found …
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